Products Pharmacopoeia
Calcium Glycerophosphate BP/ EP/ BPC 63 / 50% W/W solution
Magnesium Glycerophosphate BP / EP / BPC 63
Sodium Glycerophosphate BP (Hydrated)/ BPC 49 / 50% solution BPC 63
Manganese Glycerophosphate EP (Hydrated)/ NF 10
Potassium Glycerophosphate 50% solution BPC 63 / 70% W/W solution (In-house) / 75% W/W solution (In-house)
Ferric Glycerophosphate BPC 63 (In-house)
Zinc Glycerophosphate In-house
Glycerophosphoric Acid 20% solution BPC 63 / 35% W/W solution (In-house) / 50% W/W solution (In-house)
Calcium Bromo Lactobionate In-house
Calcium Glucoheptonate BP
Calcium Levulinate IP / BP / EP / USP
Sodium Levulinate In-house
Tolbutamide IP / BP / USP

Bihani Chemical Industries’ business commitment to certification and quality is of the highest priority. Our production facility is cGMP compliant and adheres to global quality manufacturing requirements.
Our entire product range is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and conforms to the following specifications :
1) British Pharmacopoeia (BP).
2) British Pharmaceutical Codex (BPC)
3) European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
4) Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP)
5) United StatesPharmacopoeia (USP)
We support all product enquiries and sales with extensive quality documentation that include :
a) Typical & batch-to-batch Certificate of Analysis (C.O.A)
b) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
c) Method of Analysis
d) Analytical Specifications (AS)
e) Drug Master File in CTD Format
Bihani Chemical Industries works with its clients towards their respective Drug Authority Certification requirements and FCC product compliance, thereby ensuring a faster turnaround time in taking products to market.

Our facilities are currently under the process of expanding to compliance of European DMF and Certificate of Suitability for its selective products.